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May 13, 2014 — 1 Comment

While working in an Office 365 tenant the other day I came across a site feature called Announcement Tiles. Curious, I tried to activate the feature and received an error that the feature is not supported in my version. I assumed this was probably because my tenant had not yet received the quarterly bits yet. However, after checking I found this. This feature has to be used on the My Site Host.

Next, I activated the feature via the my site host. This created a new web part and added it to my home page. The web part gives you the ability, as an admin, to create an announcement:


After you click on edit you are presented with this screen.


From here you have the typical List/Items tabs to create a new item. Then you are given a new announcement forms that looks like the new promoted links app.


Once your new item is created your my site host will show a tile representing the announcement.

image  image

For organizations looking to direct users to their One Drive as their start page, this can be a nice visual tool to show important announcements. The overall appearance it almost identical to promoted links.

Note: I have checked an on premises farm that is running SP1. This feature is not available so this is a cloud first feature.

Represent any data in SharePoint as a tile?


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