Modern UI ‘New Experience’ = Bad User Experience

June 23, 2016 — 2 Comments


I have a customer that was switched over to the ‘New Experience’ this week.

First off, until this is applied everywhere it is VERY confusing and nearly worthless. It literally feels like I am jumping platforms while simply navigating my site. My biggest issue is that the Drop Off Library ( Or any library) doesn’t even support selecting a content type while uploading or when the edit properties screen (which is now ellipsis > more > properties) ?!?! So…. this new experience makes the bread-and-butter of SharePoint (Content Management) even harder……I now have to upload to the drop off library, and use the new ‘Details’ pane in order to route my documents.


Even if you have applied a modest design/branding this experience renders it useless. I know that MS is pushing people to stop branding but come on. Calling this a modern experience is a bit hypocritical when it has an large adverse affect on the overall ‘User Experience’. I guess I will push the classic experience as default instead….Because it still works:)


Take my basic intranet homepage for example. Very modest design using basic CSS and using mostly everything OOTB.


Click on the drop off library or another library using the new experience and you get this:


Great experience eh!? Different navigation (both global and local), branding and colors are gone and I feel like I was just sent into a different site.


The Good

It took me some time but I did find some thing I actually like about the new experience. However, it has more to do with function and not look and feel (actual experience).

  • Copy and Move operations
  • Details Pane
    • Metadata updating without leaving the screen.
  • Recent activity
    • Nice to see what is happening at a glance.

In closing, until this ‘New Experience’ can be integrated into the rest of the UI to maintain a good ‘user experience’ I do not see many customers taking advantage of this.



2 responses to Modern UI ‘New Experience’ = Bad User Experience


    I just tried the “New experience” because apparently there are issues with the classic option in taking JSON formatting on lists. But the results were HORRIBLE. A great sacrifice of functionality, worsening navigation, and it does not even look prettier with two separate header bars a a out of place left hand menu. The 2013 product has been great but the new experience is so disappointing.


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