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IT Factor Consulting is now a Sharegate Partner!

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Need to cycle IIS on all of your SharePoint servers? There are a couple ways to do it in 1-2 lines of PowerShell.

Option 1 (Requires SharePoint Admin shell or the Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell add in to be loaded)

Get-SPServer | ?{$_.Role -ne "Invalid"} | %{iisreset $_.Address}

Option 2 (Can be run from any POSH shell)

$servers = @("sp1","sp2","sp3")
$servers | %{iisreset $_}

Option 2 requires that you put your servers into an array manually. This could also be run on a single line.

$servers = @("sp1","sp2","sp3"); $servers | %{iisreset $_}

Happy POSHing!


This might be one of the coolest JavaScript libraries out there for SharePoint, DataTables.js. DataTables.js allows you render a set of search results in data table format allowing you to Sort, Filter and Page automatically. Because SharePoint search allows you to search and return items from the entire farm you lost the ability to dynamically sort and quickly filter. DataTables give you this back in a very quick and easy to use format. To get data tables working we need the following:

  • jQuery library reference
  • DataTables library reference
  • DataTables base or custom css style sheet
  • Custom Control Template
  • Custom Item Template

Let’ s get started. First we need to created out custom control and item templates. These templates are created and stored at the site collection level. They are saved in the Master Page Gallery > Display Templates > Content Web Parts To create these two files you need to create two HTML files. This can be done by either copying an existing item and control template and replacing the code with the code below OR you can copy and paste this code directly into a new HTML file(s). Control Template Copy and paste the following code into a new Control_Grid.html file

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Everyone is used to seeing this logo right ?

When you’re working with SharePoint 2013 on premises the web application has a property called SuiteBarBrandingElementHTML that you can update with custom HTML to update what is shown in the upper left corner of the page. In office 365, we do not have access to the web application so we have to use a different method. Below is a snippet you can place in your master page to update that area with new text and modify the link. In my demo case I updated it to be a HOME link that brings to the root site collection.

  • You can use SharePoint Designer or any one of your favorite tools to update the master page by mapping a drive to the site.
  • The snippet below must go within the <head> of the master page
  • If you are using the out-of-the-box master page (Seattle.master) you must first make your edits to the Seattle.HTML. This is because the files are linked. (See below)

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