The ‘I need to…’ SharePoint App

October 28, 2014 — 6 Comments

Remember the I need to… web part in SharePoint 2010? It was a nice little web part that created a SharePoint list called I need to. You added links to the list and they were rendered in nice little drop down on the homepage. Well, I miss that web part in 2013:( So, I created a SharePoint app that allows you to do this in 2013.


This SharePoint app extends the basic functionality that the first web part gave us and allows you to group similar links together to a create a more organized look. It also gives you the ability the apply custom sort and mark links active/inactive.

Get it now!

6 responses to The ‘I need to…’ SharePoint App


    I have been looking for an app just like this for our internal business portal. I just want to know if it is possible to create multiple lists with this app?. I would like to use this app several times on the portal site, but have it create new lists that contain unique content. So far, It seems to me it like it is a one time use. Can anyone tell me if that is accurate or if I am just missing the option to create new list.



    How can I change css for this app ?


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